Dating woman going through divorce

We've just been hanging out, taking it easy, and enjoying each other's company. And now, I am getting pretty damn nervous, I have to admit. I think that most people would think that I, as a man, will be worried that she's going to get all klingy and weird.I am more worried that I am going to develop deep feelings for her, and she is just going to be a mess, and I'm going to end up screwed over in the end when she looses it due to being overwhelemed by everything.

I learned that I would have to constantly share him. Legal proceedings and endless paperwork force people who are going through a divorce to live with one foot in the past, and one foot in a possible future.Even though his marriage was nearing its end and he was no longer love with his estranged wife, he would always love her.Through the anger and disappointment and every bitter feeling in between, he would have a spot in his heart carved out specifically for her. And there wasn’t a single thing I could do or hopeful wish I could make, that could possibly erase her from his history.I understand that there are a lot of things to sort out, and I've continually supported that, but keeping me away seems to be such a drastic measure.Let me give a little background to our relationship and how it got to where we are today.

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We met a few years ago through mutual friends and quickly became good friends.

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  1. The TV star who appeared alongside her sister Tia in the hit 90s sitcom, was interviewed for Oprah: Where Are They Now and made the harrowing claim that since her marriage she has 'never experienced so much hate ever in my life, ever'.'Because when my husband and I are so openly -- and we're fine with showing -- is love.