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The following basic principles should be guiding factors in the practice of chiropractic and upheld at all times: The ICA Code of Ethics comprises a doctor of chiropractic's duties and obligations to his or her patients, the public and each other.The ethical foundations upon which these principles are based are established moral obligations that ensure the dignity and integrity of the profession.The Ica stones are a collection of andesite stones found in Ica Province, Peru that bear a variety of diagrams.Some of them supposedly have depictions of dinosaurs, and what is alleged to be advanced technology.ICA’s Fund for the International Development of Archives (FIDA) provides assistance to archive professionals and institutions working in especially challenging conditions, usually in developing countries.ICA Leadership General Assembly - AGA Executive Board - EB Programme Commission - PCOM Audit Commission - ACOM Forum of National Archivists - FAN Professional Sections Coordination Comma Editorial Board FIDA EGABE - Archive Buildings and Environments EG EMDP - Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness PAAG - Photographic and Audiovisual Archives AEG - Expert Group on Advocacy EGAD - Archival Description HRWG - Archives and Human Rights EGA - Appraisal EGLM - Legal Matters EGRSO - Research Services and Outreach EGSAH - Shared Archival Heritage EG MDPR - Digital and Physical Records In 2012 the ICA's Programme Commission made Africa a priority area for its professional programme work to support the development of record-keeping capacity in Africa, the needs of African archivists and records managers, ICA strategic objectives and priorities, and the delivery of archival education.We also provide bespoke training solutions to firms.

The doctor of chiropractic should make himself/herself available, but more importantly, be accessible to patients in need of his/her professional services.

The decision to hold an ICA regional conference in Africa was made after a lengthy back and forth discussions and consultations between the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) in Nairobi and the ICA Executive.

ICA qualifications are a globally recognised benchmark of competence & excellence in the fields of anti money laundering, compliance and financial crime prevention.

Uschuya, after claiming them to be real ancient artifacts, admitted to creating the carvings he had sold and said he produced a patina by baking the stone in cow dung.

As a result of weathering, they have developed a thin patina.

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