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There’s been a major increase in the reporting of webcam blackmail among young men in the UK, as criminals online use fake profiles to lure people into performing sex acts on camera.

It’s what the National Crime Agency is calling “sextortion” – creepily, life reflects art like an episode of Charlie Brooker’s .

We work as partners to safeguard children from the threat of abuse and exploitation and are tireless in our efforts to identify and bring to justice those who would harm them.” Detective Chief Superintendent George Clarke, Head of the PSNI's Public Protection Unit, said: "Today's sentencing is a further illustration of our determination to tackle the issue of child sexual abuse.

“The PSNI and our colleagues in NCA work hard together, using a range of investigative techniques to ensure all opportunities are maximised to protect children from harm online and offline and bring offenders to justice and we will continue to do so.

Last year, 17-year-old Ronan Hughes, from Northern Ireland, took his own life after pictures of himself were posted online.

Experts state that this could leave children vulnerable to being targeted by online abusers.

Bates was the eleventh person sentenced under Operation Jarra, a joint NCA-PSNI investigation into people using the internet to access child abuse images in Northern Ireland.

NCA branch commander Rob Burgess said: “By downloading or streaming child abuse images, you encourage horrific crimes against children. “The NCA and PSNI are alert to the methods child sex offenders use to try to keep their activity secret.

Now, his research has led him to an EU-funded project looking at sexuality and prostitution policy across 24 European countries. “Most academics do want a focus on harm reduction, but public policy in Ireland has moved towards a neo-abolitionist model, from a point where all sex work is seen as a violence against women and should be stamped out.

The argument is that by ending demand, you end sex work, but it is aspirational and not backed up by evidence.

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