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I’m really driven and confident and those are some of the great characteristics of Grace that I love about her. AJ: There’s a naiveté about Grace that I love about her but I think she gets ahead of herself.When she gets so excited about making it in the industry, she’ll compromise who she is as a person, which is never the right thing to do.I was an entertainer from an early age, like Grace, really precocious personality.I knew what I wanted to do at a young age, and I was gonna do it.Given my age, there aren’t many pop culture reference made within “The Goldbergs” that I don’t have first-hand experience with, but this week’s episode provided a rare opportunity for me to get a feel for what it must be like for my daughter to watch the show from the outside looking in, because here’s the thing: neither I nor anyone I knew in the ‘80s ever so much as dabbled in video dating. Maybe their efforts were so embarrassing that they tried to keep them as far under wraps as possible.In fact, after seeing some of those real examples last night, I’m thinking that’s probably the most likely scenario.

Throughout her career she has earned a net worth of 2 million Dollars.

And just to clarify, the “VD” stands for “video dating,” not “venereal disease,” and that’s a particularly good thing if you were planning to get treatment from John “The Love Doctor” Calabasas, since he doesn’t actually have a medical degree.

(He’s legally required to say that now.)We’re kept guessing for a few minutes in terms of which character is going to find themselves diving headlong into the video dating scene.

At the age of five she started playing piano, and since then her interest in music and acting grew.

Her sister AJ Michalka is also an actress and they both are members of the musical duo Aly and AJ.

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, Jonas, 26, is currently seeing Costa rican model Juliana Herz.

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