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An insider told The Sun newspaper: "Justin and Jasmine have been closer than they have let on for some time. "But Selena seems to think she's his girlfriend too.

Those rumors accelerated after the pair were seen at various locations over the past few days by paparazzi or fans.

It’s not much of a story, actually—more like an anecdote. Imagine your early 20s, trying desperately to shed your old skin, as people in their early 20s do, in order to become a new, more complex and more interesting person.

It’s about one of those nights you have when you’re Selena Gomez, “when you’re around four people and everybody has the champagne glass, and somebody says something and they laugh but they didn’t say a joke.” Fame—a.k.a. A life determined largely by decisions she made when she was a teenager—enormous, consequential choices to first become a child actress, rictus-grinning on (a decision she made circa age 15), and then, finally, to date fellow child star Justin Bieber (a decision she made circa age 18), a seemingly innocent young man who went from fresh-faced You Tube star to heavily tattooed mop-bucket-urinator in the four on-and-off years of their courtship. Some of them are fans from way back, mostly young women. Imagine trying to live down rehab—which she either did or did not go to, more on that later—as well as a debilitating auto-immune disease, lupus, which she was diagnosed with three years ago.

Alongside a black and white pic of himself and Hailey, the singer wrote: “People are crazy.

I’m super single and this is my good friend u would know otherwise.” Shortly after the “Confident” star’s post, Hailey tweeted, “Hope that clarifies everything for everyone) rumors are silly!

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